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Last Upload: 24. Okt 2004

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Skins, skins, skins ...

Also I've created some skins. They are based on various xmms skins or winamp skins. So If you have these xmms or winamp ones the look will be the same. To find the corresponding winamp skins, just have a look at www.1001winampskins.com or for xmms based ones at http://www.xmms.org/.

With this newly patched sources, the skin elements and some file content has changed. Old skins will still work but shade mode will give nice results so please download and use the new ones. All skins on this site support the shade mode.

To install the skins, simply copy the zipped archive to the EQ skin directory under /usr/lib/xmms/EQskins. You don't need to unzip the archive first. The screenshots below show the skins as 15 banded eqaulizer and in shade mode.

But now, no more words, only skins ...

I hope you'll enjoy.

Simone Karin Lehmann

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Sony WX 550

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