openmediavault 6: Customize NAS name in Finder sidebar

In my series of articles about openmediavault, it is now time for a quick tip that displays the name of your NAS in the Finder sidebar in a more Mac typical way.

More information about this series about openmediavault and an overview of all articles, please see here.

If you have set up SMB shares in openmediavault, then you will notice, that the name of your NAS shows up in teh Finder sidebar and in the “Network” folder in a rather Mac-atypical way, namely not only with the name alone but with the addition “- SMB/CIFS”. This looks like

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openmediavault 6: Optimize SMB for macOS

In the first article I’ll show you some small optimizations for the SMB shares for working with macOS. For more information about this series about openmediavault and an overview of all articles, please see here.

So let’s get started. The above mentioned optimizations for SMB are the settings vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr and fruit:metadata = stream

As you probably know, openmediavault already allows a lot of settings for shared folders and SMB shares in its GUI and also allows you to specify advanced options, both in the settings for SMB/CIFS as a whole, as well as for the respective individual shares.

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Tweaks for openmediavault 6

openmediavault is a free software with which you can build your own NAS and wich is in its current version 6 really well done. You have to pay a lot of respect to the developers.

Nevertheless, there are a few small things that many users in the forums, and also me, would have liked to have realized differently. But unfortunately these wishes meet with the developers on rejection. Even if I can understand developers that you do not implement every wish of users immediately, some reactions are a bit harsh.

Now that openmediavault is free software, no one is stopping us from taking action ourselves and implementing these changes. And that’s what the following series of articles here in this blog is about.

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