openmediavault 6: Customize NAS name in Finder sidebar

In my series of articles about openmediavault, it is now time for a quick tip that displays the name of your NAS in the Finder sidebar in a more Mac typical way.

More information about this series about openmediavault and an overview of all articles, please see here.

If you have set up SMB shares in openmediavault, then you will notice, that the name of your NAS shows up in teh Finder sidebar and in the “Network” folder in a rather Mac-atypical way, namely not only with the name alone but with the addition “- SMB/CIFS”. This looks like

If you have other Macs on your LAN, then there is just the name, without further addition. And that’s exactly what we can easily achieve in openmediavault too.

To do this, log in to openmediavault via ssh and enter the following command in

sudo omv-env set OMV_SAMBA_ZEROCONF_NAME "%h"

As already mentioned in the last article about SMB , you still have to tell openmediavault to integrate this change and rewrite the configuration files. That’s what you can do with

sudo omv-salt stage run prepare
sudo omv-salt deploy run avahi

And now your NAS shows up as usual:

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